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David Griffin

David Griffin

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PostSubject: Avatar: a jaw dropping movie!   Avatar: a jaw dropping movie! Sm-compass50Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:21 am

Hello my friends,

I have just gotten back from seeing James Cameron's latest film, Avatar. I thought this was an amazing movie! The charecters are very well thought out, the plot pulled me in and by the end of the film I was looking at what it is to be part of a people instead of a race.

I don't want to ruin anything for any of you who haven't yet seen it so I won't post too many details.

The story takes place on a planet named Pandora. This planet is lush and green (as well as many other beautiful colors!) and is full of unique lifeforms. The dominant humanoid race is called the Navi.

This planet is the only source for a rare element worth millions and has humans attempting to interact with the native Navi to relocate them so that this element can be mined out. (Sound a little familiar?)

Aside from the usual array of tank-like robot suits and flying gunships that the military uses, the humans also use genetically created human-Navi hybrid bodies called Avatars to help blend in with the Navi and attempt to gain their favor. Each Avatar is specifically grown for a particular person using their DNA. They then remotely connect to the Avatars via a stasis chamber that allows them to literally "live" out another life within the Avatar body. (Very Matrix-like)

I saw this movie in True 3-D. I think this is the newest incarnation of the traditional 3-D theater experience. It was amazing. The textures were so rich that at times I could almost feel them. Several times I actually caught myself trying to crane my head about to move around a pesky palm frond and more than once I attempted to touch the various floating insects and plant life which seemed to be right in my lap.

The last time I saw a 3-D movie, it was in the days of the old red and blue colored lenses that folded flat. These new 3-D shades seemed like a pair of sunglasses and didn't distort my vision afterwards. (Any of you who has been to an "original" 3-D movie knows what I mean...)

It was my first movie in a while and I must say kudos to Mr. Cameron for this latest buzz. I plan to see it again tomorrow. Very Happy

Has anyone else seen it yet? Please let me know what you think. For those who weren't sure wether or not to see it, I would recommend it. Those of us who joined this bevin will be reminded of the philosophy of Yeesha and the lessons we all learned about understanding things from a different perspective., the differing culture of the D'ni and the misuse of power to gain one's ends. By the end of the movie, I found myself relating more to the Navi than the humans. Wink

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Avatar: a jaw dropping movie!
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