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 Master Link List

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ms. isis

Number of posts : 398
Registration date : 2008-06-16

PostSubject: Master Link List   Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:31 am

(as originally presented by Dedhead)

Links of Interest ( = New since last update)


    D'ni Restoration Council

Major Forums

    D'ni Restoration Council Forums
    Myst Online: URU Live Forums
    URU Assembly Of Guilds - Shared forum of the Minor, unofficial Guilds.
    Uru Obsession - Site/forum of one of the oldest and biggest explorer organizations.

Major Guilds

    Guild of Cartographers
    Guild of Greeters
    Guild of Maintainers
    Guild of Messengers
    Guild of Writers

Minor Guilds and Organizations

    D'ni Explorers Guild
    D'ni Linguistic Fellowship
    D'ni Zoological Society
    Guild of Inspectors
    Guild of Learners
    Guild of Mediators
    Guild of Technologists
    Relayer Corps
    Restoration Realists
    Subterranean Restorations
    Students of D'ni Knowledge
    Tasera: Women of D'ni
    The Great Tree

    Cavern Communications Network
    Myst Online: URU Live
    The Cavern Today - Podcasts, interviews, and "The Archiver" e-zine.
    The Firemarble - D'ni Jazz Club's Cavern "News Paper."
    Uru Obsession: News

Streaming Radio Stations (bookmark these for the next party! :wink: )
    DedHed's Tunes - Hosted by DedHed
    Mysterrie's Radio Station - Hosted by SeanMc74
    URU Tunes - hosted by various and sundry explorers.

Reference Material

    Bahroglyph Study Group
    D'ni Desk Reference
    D'ni Jazz Club
    Er'cana Pellet Database - A repository for the different recipes for making pellets in the Er'cana.
    Jalak Registry - Explorer 'The Noble Robot' maintains this database of games designed for the age of Jalak.
    Marker Game Database - Find a fun Marker Game, or submit your own. By explorer Do'Tsahvahn.
    MYSTLore wiki
    URU Journal Archive - Archive of all URU in-game journals (includes all the other games, as well.)
    URU Ki Directory - Find an explorer's KI number, or post your own for others to find.
    Uru Live: A Newcomer's Guide and Answer Sheet - Explorer belford's oustanding FAQ.
    Myst Journey - Well organized website - cool wallpapers available too.

Tools / Utilities

    Graphical Portal Calendar - From explorers Mucol and The.Modificator - Very sharp!!
    Ki Image Fixer - Fixes locally stored Ki images so you can view them in any graphics program/viewer.
    Tsogal/Delin Door Practice Utility - Created by our own Richard Wakefield.
    URU Search - Uru Search's goal is to be your one-stop search for everything Uru

All things Myst

    FCurve - Website of Jason Baskett, Lead Character Animator at Cyan Worlds.
    Imp's Cannen - Explorer LinkinImp's original URU-inspired musical scores. - Official site of Josh Staub, Art and Visual Design Director for Cyan Worlds
    KiToons - Explorer Thend's ki-toons and blog.
    Myst Community
    Myst - Official, Cyan-licensed Myst products. - Official site of Tim Larkin, Composer/Sound Designer and Audio Director for Cyan Worlds - A collection of explorers' in-character blogs and journals

    Uru Live Support
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ms. isis

Number of posts : 398
Registration date : 2008-06-16

PostSubject: Re: Master Link List   Sun Aug 17, 2008 7:20 pm

8/17/08 Added Myst Journey website to reference material list. Excellently laid out site that's easy to get lost in for 'ages' Smile . Be sure to pay attention to side links that come up - sometimes they look more like script decoration - they lead to great pages.

D'ni :
“Ash nazg durbatuluk ash nazg gimbatul ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul”

“One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”
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Master Link List
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