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 Mechanics of the Cleft

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David Griffin

David Griffin

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Mechanics of the Cleft Empty
PostSubject: Mechanics of the Cleft   Mechanics of the Cleft Sm-compass50Sun May 23, 2010 7:57 pm

So I was perusing the library over at LaCasa and I stumbled across a book on D'ni machinery. Unfortunately it ws empty as we know little to nothing about the actual mechanics of D'ni technology. So as my usual inclination started to crank an air raid siren in the back of my brain, I decided that I would begin honestly investigating how ( in my opinion) some of these devices could be constructed and would function.

I am by no means an engineer, professional scientist, physicist or any other manner of professional. I am however an avid Myst fan and an avid inventor. To my knowledge, Atrus was not any of these either, yet he managed to wire the Cleft with electricity. (Wether as a young man or in later times as a father) So I felt like that was the mindset I should adopt. The innovative inventor making due with the materials at hand.

So that being said, I am beginning my investigations at the Cleft. How can one wind generator power a host of electrical devices? How can one manufacture a generator so efficient in the middle of the desert? How can one machine stone so finely as to allow a door to slide up into it's 5" receses?

Any input into the topic would be appreciated. I am currently working on the wind generator's construction. We do know that Atrus could construct batteries to hold the surplus electrical charge, so I'm already making decent headway.

Here's hoping to fill in some of that "dead space" in the Library. I mean think about it, the team that assembled the "Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia" just "made up" some of the inner workings of their technology. I think we can do that or better. study
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Mechanics of the Cleft
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