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 URU and US Law

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PostSubject: URU and US Law   Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:08 pm


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Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 6:27 pm Post subject: URU and US Law


In researching the story for La Casa I came across the three US laws protecting antiquities, mostly those of tribal American origin. The first law was passed in 1906 and was general in its prohibitions against "pot pickers" robbing tribal burial sites. With the Civil Rights movement and the organization of AIM another law with greater strictures was passed in 1979. Finally, the law demanding the return of stolen artifacts and human remains was passed in 1990.

For our purposes when the Cavern was discovered the 1979 law was in effect, but by the time the DRC took over the restoration the 1990 law was already in effect. So that begs the question: did the DRC clear their exploration and restoration plans with the US agents in charge of assigning permits for all archaeological activities in the US?

I know we are closed for "maintainence" but I wonder if the DRC have all their paperwork in order, and if the tribal councils have approved the restoration. The laws may have been written about artifacts of tribal Americans, but are not specific. The 1979 law covers all human activity. So I guess things made by bahro would not count, but are the D'ni "human"? Is that the loophole the DRC has slipped through?

Of course, we all know it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission and so I can see that the DRC might have kept their activities out of sight below the ground, thus keeping a low profile.

I will be posting the text of the three laws to the bookshelf at La Casa. There is also an archaeological book about the appearance of the Cleft in the early 1960s and a book about D'ni botany with uses of the plants.

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URU and US Law
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