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 The Final Day...

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PostSubject: The Final Day...   Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:06 pm

ms. isis

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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:54 pm Post subject: The final day ...


My family of explorers is down to two: ms. isis and elpis. The others have packed up and returned to the surface already. Ms. isis and Elpis stayed until the end. Elpis continues her journey with her work at Friends of the Fissure. I have chosen to post her journal entry of her last day in the cavern here (more are on the FoF board.)

Elpis Journal
March 25, 2008

I went into Teledahn's Bahro Cave today. After much meditation, Yeesha came to me, as in a vision.

My time in the cavern is finished. My job here is done. The path she's led me on now goes another way. My path continues on the surface. Earth. Tomahna. LaCasa.

Many will be confused and lost about what to do when the DRC closes the cavern. Zandi won't be there to lead them, having to continue his own path elsewhere. Those of us at the Friends of the Fissure are to become guides for those lost and feeling stranded in the desert.

We will teach them about the D'ni, about Yeesha, her family, and the Bahro. We'll guide them towards a path that leads away from pride, prejudice, and destruction. The path will lead them into hope, peace, and love for everyone, even those who are not like ourselves. The lessons of the D'ni and the Bahro will stay alive through us.

Many are being called towards something they do not understand. That call will not go away just because the DRC blocks Yeesha's gift to us for lack of profit to fill their pockets. They cannot take Yeesha's gift from us. Many will still feel the call after the cavern closes and we will be there to help them find the next step on their personal path.

I feel her call, the pull is very strong. Yet, I am sad. Where Yeesha calls me is not my home either. I have love for the world and LaCasa is close to my heart, but it is not my home. LaCasa is only another step on the journey that Yeesha put me on. Another step towards home.

By the time I returned to the cavern, the hour was late. There is hardly anyone around now. The Bahro sing, always guarding us in the cavern. I feel it will be a long time before I hear their songs again. I miss them already.

Though the morning is many hours away, it seems as though only moments. Precious moments. Instead of returning to my Relto now to rest, I sit and watch the lake, wondering if I shall ever see the Arch again. If I shall ever see the Bahro swooping above the Great Stairs again.

Tomorrow I gather my things from my Relto and continue my journey on the surface.

ms. isis (Myss Terrie's Bevin)
elpis (Friends of the Fissure)
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Myst Isis

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The Final Day...
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