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 Find A Way, Make A Home

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PostSubject: Find A Way, Make A Home   Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:51 pm

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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:55 am Post subject: Find a way make a home


I believe that now is very important more than ever to discuss about this: (original post on MOUL forums)

Connecting 2 things , "find a way make a home" and the meaning of bahro's storyline (for me) make me believe that we (explorers) are like free bahros!
That means that all these years we had quidance from DRC (ic) or CYAN (occ) but now they left....(not for real occ and ic)
and let us alone.
They gave us already tools to find our way and make a home and that tools are the Guilds.
The only thing we have to do now ,because we are "free" now like the bahros who are free with no quidance and not knowing what to do with their freedom , is to found our leaders to create our society infrastructure and to make our first steps forward
like a brand new civilization .
I personally suggest to start searching and finally vote for our leaders in order afterwards to find more things that we want
to do with our freedom.
In one sentence what i suggest is that who they feel that they can spend time as our leaders (or guilds council members)
to step forward and gather us to inform us what are their dreams and us afterwards to vote (yes elections) who we prefer to guide us.

Dimitrios (fijidreamer)
(an alone Greek explorer who is lucky and lives abroad and have access in cavern because of that for the next 6 months)

PS: 1. Remember the colours that Phend was reffering in one of our episodes ? hehe i believe he meant the Guild colours
2. remember the last speech of Yeesha and Watson.
3. find and read what Rand said at the past about his dreams
5. where is my friend Illume
6. why nobody is replying to my thoughts about fissure??

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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:54 pm Post subject:


Hello, dear Dimitrios.

Sorry for the delay but there is just so much going on and I may have spread myself a bit thin both in URU and RL.

The guilds are one way to make a home. They are closely tied to the regular updating and maintenance of URU. But the guilds are not for everyone. Not everyone has the time or the resource to work within a guild structure to create what Cyan/DRC seemingly expects. The guilds will take time to "gell" -- to reach critical mass and gestalt and whatever to do what is needed.

And where is Relatee? Good question. The DRC appointed him as our guild representative and he has vanished along with them. I never did grasp what he was supposed to do or how he was supposed to do it.

For those who do not wish to work within the guild structure there have to be other ways to "make a home." Some are too new, and others have various objections to the guilds themselves. Yet all have the right and the responsibility to follow Yeesha's call. For myself I am working on a story idea external to the GoW for the moment and spending much of my time in the Cavern visiting DRC bevins in search of those who need help.

Sad to say, but I continue to hear ill report of GoG -- the only guild that has been around since the beginning and has no excuse for failing to meet expectations. This is not just from our own bevin mates but from many people across URU. Greeters have been rude. They have been unresponsive. They have argued URU politics in public chat. They have argued RL politics in public chat. These actions are indefensible, but are mercifully limited to a handful of "bad apples."

Since complaints to GoG Guildmasters (GM) have not brought about change I am gladdened that several new members to our bevin have applied to become greeters. I know that those we have helped know how to help others. We have led by example and in that I feel that we have made a home.
Myss Terrie

Those who do not learn the lessons of history
should avoid time travel.

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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:25 am Post subject:


The GoG has some critics, but many supporters. For more information, see the following link. I haven't been in much, so I can't really offer a personal opinion, but I don't think we at Myss Terrie's should be bashing them on a public forum. Just my opinion...

Edit: On topic - Dimitrios, sorry to say, I haven't even picked up a guild shirt yet. I'm resistant to it - I don't know for sure why. But I do think YOU should be part of a leadership group. I think you'd be great at it. You have a natural ability to draw people to you. You also have the best interests of the explorers at heart (a big heart at that ). I'd vote fer'ya!

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Posted: Post subject:


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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:50 am Post subject:


And where is Relatee? Good question. The DRC appointed him as our guild representative and he has vanished along with them. I never did grasp what he was supposed to do or how he was supposed to do it.

Here is a copy of Reteltee post just a few days ago. He goes into detail about why he was away and explains what his role is in the cavern.

Shorah everyone.

I'm afraid I haven't had the time to be actively involved in Uru since the finale of season 1. This is due to the birth of my son, Aviel (Ah-vee-el) at the end of the year. Naturally, he and my wife have been occupying the lion's share of my attention, in between work and what spare time I can afford to digitize my consciousness and surf the electronic wave.

All that to say, I haven't been around. And aside from a few emails, PM's and an IM conversation, I haven't even really talked to many Explorers in the last two months, let alone actually venture down to the Cavern.

My apologies if my presence has been missed. I assure you, I have missed the Explorers as well. But one only has so many hours in the day, no?

In any case, I can appreciate that with the departure of the DRC, there may be a feeling of vacuum in the Cavern at the moment. A lack of clear, defined leadership.

This is a development which some have found...uncomfortable at best, distasteful at worst. I can empathize with both sentiments.

So, the question lies before us....what do we do? Without the DRC (and with no certain guarantee of their return; before you ask me, no, I do not know anything about whether or not they will be back), a decision faces the Explorer community.

Can the Cavern survive without a specific, identified leadership? If not, then who will we select to be our leaders? The Guilds? Some new form of leadership not yet seen in the Cavern?

Whatever the choice, I will not be the one to make that decision. I have done my best to remain neutral and removed from the politics and power struggles which plagued both the DRC, and certain elements of the Explorer community. I am an adviser, nothing more. And while I am flattered when certain Explorers call for my "leadership" (whatever it is that they perceive it to be), I assure you, I am not the one to look to. I am no Atrus, no Eneah or Tulla. What I can provide is perspective...the long perspective of the historian, which can tame fires, but rarely, if ever, ignites them.

The Cavern is yet dark my friends. If we are to have leaders, then they must be able to kindle everlasting flames in the hearts of our merry band. For only then will the light of the D'ni be restored.

A very fond Shorah to you all.


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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 8:47 pm Post subject:


The GoG has some critics, but many supporters. For more information, see the following link. I haven't been in much, so I can't really offer a personal opinion, but I don't think we at Myss Terrie's should be bashing them on a public forum. Just my opinion..

I certainly see your point -- although a few greeters have seen no problem in publicly bashing us in their bevin in full view of all present, old and new. And what MT reported is have good friends amongst the greeters and many of these greeters are deeply disturbed that their guild members are making foes faster than friends. They welcome the input and hopeful influx of MT members who want to become greeters.

It is wonderful that despite hearing some of the bad reports so many of our new members want to be in GoG and I have encouraged them to join, to take what they received from us and pass it on to others. It is a gift that we keep giving and it keeps going. Despite the fact that many bevin members have resisted the guilds, by helping others we are doing our part toward the Cavern in general and GoG in particular. Let that be enough for those who want to contribute but not by way of the guilds.

One reason for the creation of the groups under the Employment Page was to allow bevin members to contribute to all aspects of URU without needing to join a guild if joining a guild was distasteful or too time consuming. For instance, suppose someone here has a fantastic age idea but does not want to join GoW. We have bevin members in every guild, and so the presentation can be made to the guild by a guildmember through all the proper channels, while the bevin member who did not want to join the guild does not have to. Goal accomplished and credit will be given where it is due.

As for Relatee, the birth of a child is the best and happiest reason I can think of to be absent from an online game world. I remember when my son was a newborn -- many sleepless nights. Of course, Ian's father got more sleep than I did because as the dad he did not have what Ian wanted.

The question of Cavern leadership should not be left solely to the guilds. We need some "at large" leaders who do not answer to a guildmaster or imposed structure of a particular guild. I have heard the proposal that Myss Terrie should serve as a cavern leader and I concur. I think I can get the old girl to go along with the idea (now where is that damned sherry bottle? Marie?)

If you think it is a good idea, then it needs to come from you. While MT will accept the responsibility, she will not seek it for herself. As we all know it is her modesty that completes her perfection.


To let understanding stop at what can not be understood is a high attainment.
Those who can not do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven.

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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:34 pm Post subject:


Finding a way home may just come right down to us being here....If that makes any sense.
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Find A Way, Make A Home
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