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 Star Fissure the Greatest Mystery of All

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PostSubject: Star Fissure the Greatest Mystery of All   Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:24 pm


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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:09 pm Post subject: Star Fissure , the greatest mystery of all


We all know about the existence of the fissure.What we dont know is almost eveything about it.
Well during my (ic) research i was curious about what would have happened if we walked into it ,not in the one on our relto but to a friends relto.
Therefore i found my best buddie in cavern (Amberlee thank you ) and i ask her to do the expirement:)

First i tried to walk into using an avatar which had already finish the 4 primary ages and he got the cleft book from Yeesha.

Afterwards i did the same using and avatar that he hasn't finish the 4 primary ages yet.
(i dont have an avatar that has the 4 ages finished but never walked through the fissure ,if you have any please tell me the results)

Results: both times i manage to walk into the fissure and the fissure linked me back to my relto. (of course the fissure remained open)
For the records it wasn't my relto book which link me back because i appear near the imager and not in my hut.
What is happening ? Does the fissure has inteligence? (correction i am sorry for my english)
I am waiting for your thoughts (ic) eagerly .

PS: i have also posted something yesterday night (under the off topic forum named "the power of language" for which i have the hope that you will spend some of your time to read it (if you want) and to write any comments that possible have. I wil appreciated it very much

Shorah friends

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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:22 am Post subject:


I have tried many times, to jump through someone else's fissure. It never works- it always sends me back to relto. I just assume it is an "instance" thing. Yeesha, when speaking of the cleft, says, "This place is not meant to be shared." So, I guess there is no way to sucessfully jump into someone else's fissure.

by the way, have you ever noticed that your relto book always changes to resemble your relto?
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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:40 pm Post subject:


Same thing happened to me. We know that the code you receive in the four bahro caves works only for the avatar who is completing the ages. Even if two people work in tandem, they end up in different caves and get a different code.

When I fell through another's fissure I figured I would end up in the sunny cleft, but no I was back on Relto. And someone came to my Relto having not done the prime ages and fell through the fissure -- and back to his Relto. I think the magic is designed to prevent you from getting where you do not yet belong.

For instance, if you link a friend who has not completed an age to the last cloth in the age, when your friend attempts to return to the cloth in that age, s/he will only go to the last cloth touch in the personal instance of the book, and will still have to fill in all the the gaps between the beginning and the end.

I do not know if a friend can collect an object from your instance of an age. For instance I don't know if someone can swipe your pith helmet from Gira, but I suspect if someone gets to your instance of Myst Island they can take Catherine's shirt, since it remains in place even after you have taken yours. Also, I suspect a friend can collect Relto pages in your instance of an age.

Seems to me there is an area for research here for more tandem exploration teams, using one finished avvie and one new avvie who progresses through the ages while both take notes of their experiences.
Myss Terrie

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Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 12:47 am Post subject:


I would like to share a very important discovery i found with you .
I follow the advise of Robinsonb5 from urulive forums and reread the Book of Atrus and indeed i found something that i beleive is of great importance.
Cathrine answer to Atrus question about where the fissure leads.
"If it is my dream correct we could fall into the night and be cradled by stars and shall return to the place where we began"
Kehn wrote the descriptive book of Riven when he was in the d'ni city( URU). (i think the exact point is Kveer but i am not sure about that).
Anna and Cathrine "wrote" (create) Riven"s fissure using a book of Riven .

All the above are explaining what is the fissure.
It is a link back to the place where the descriptive book was first created. (in our case relto book created by Yeesha at the cleft or at d'ni at the same spot where Kehn wrote the descriptive book of Riven thats why we are landing near some remains of Riven)
Furthermore i believe that when we are returning the 4 pillars we are making an unnoticed change ,well prepared by Yeesha (we are writing, in a way , a fissure ,a link back to the cleft ) on our relto book which points towards cleft.

After that the question is again " why when we fall into the fissure on a friends relto we dont link back to the cleft and we link back to our relto instead?"
Which again made me thinking :does the fissure has inteligence?

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Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 6:19 pm Post subject:


Since I finally got the Myst Reader and have begun reading I'll let you know what I think as soon as I get that far.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Fissure the Greatest Mystery of All   Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:25 pm

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Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 8:50 pm Post subject:


Ok time for some news from my research lol


We all know the fissure and at the same time we know nothing about it (“the only thing that I know for certain is that I know nothing “SOCRATES 470BC-399BC).
During my Ithaca (metaphorical in greek language when we use the word Ithaca we mean a longtime journey full of experiences) in the world of MYST , many times I kept reminding myself the following sentence “when you are traveling the long way to your Ithaca you should always hope that your journey will be long , the laestrygonians and cyclops do not afraid”.
Ithaca for me was the research for an answer to the question “what is the fissure?” and the laestrygonians and Cyclops is the huge amount of information and of course the false conclusions I maybe up to.
I will try to share with you , step by step, my travel and finally I will end up with my opinion.
First , I would like to share with you what I found regarding the true nature of the fissure.
1. “The star field beneath the fissure is not as it seems, it is a gentle space, as hospitable to life as a flowing river. This is how Atrus explained it, after he had fallen into it. But much more than we’ve never understood, and we were never able to conclude upon it origins, but the visions tell me that it was born out of the will of the Maker, perhaps for some greater purpose that we cannot yet understand.” found in Catherine’s Riven journal .
2. “My general theory concerning the nature of the Fissure has remained unaltered since it first appeared. It seems that the fabric of this Age has been breached in a way that permits matter to be hospitably exchanged between two discreet but overlapping spaces — much like a Link, but the apparent physical contradictions surrounding this juncture defy logical reason: the great column of wind that was formed when the Fissure first appeared suggests a vacuum as one might expect in space, yet my early experimentations revealed the presence of a breathable atmosphere” found in Gehn’s Lab journal.
3. “They were following a narrow crack different than the others with a glow not red (lava) but ice gold blue.” found in the Book of Atrus.
4. We know 2 types of fissure one acting like vacuum (Riven) and one peaceful Relto).
5. Finally we see the same starry expanse under several bahro caves during our journey in URU.

At that point my research made a turn caused by a question that a very good in game friend write on Myssterries forum. His detailed question with my desire to answer him with what I understand , made me to do a research regarding the art of writing. Irrelevant? I don’t think so now!
Because the subject is different I will try to be short.

1. Writers of descriptive books do not create world. Each book simply links to one of an infinite number of existing worlds elsewhere in space and time .
2. (note: the descriptive book acts also as a linking book) Only inside an age can somebody write linking books for that Age.
3. Making changes to a descriptive book does not change the Age that it originally linked to , but instead creates a new link to a new “instance” of that Age ,a completely new Age that has only subtle variations from the original Age. (Prima official game guide for Uru)
4. Once an Age has been written in a descriptive book , it is impossible to create a second descriptive book that links to exactly the same Age , even if the writer was to copy the original descriptive book word by word.(note : keep that in your mind for later) (Prima official game guide for Uru)
5. Destroying a descriptive book does not destroy an Age , but it does prevent anyone from ever linking to that Age again.(because of the 4. note: keep that also in your mind). (Prima official game guide for Uru)
6. Atrus: “ you have got to tell me what is happening .”
Catherine: “ Don’t worry. Everything’s going just as we planned.”
Atrus: “As who planned?”
Catherine: “Anna and I” (found in the book of Atrus).
7. Atrus: “And how was I to know that just as I made my preparations, the two of
them made theirs , pooling their talents-Anna’s experience and Catherine intuitive genius to craft those seemingly cataclysmic event on age 5 (Riven)”
(found in the book of Atrus )
7. Atrus: “ But if you change the Age? What if you decide to write more in the descriptive book? Would the Linking Book cease to work?”
Gehn: “ No . If the descriptive book is changed ,then all Linking books associated with it will link to the changed world” (found in the book of Atrus).
8. Written contradictions in the Descriptive Books were a cause for great concern
for the D’ni. From a young age, Guild students were taught to concern
themselves with the details of what is described in a particular Descriptive
Book, so as to avoid contradicting those details later on in the Book. Such
contradictions could cause severe instabilities in an Age. D’ni culture is fraught
with stories of contradictions discovered only after the preliminary scouts from
the Maintainers Guild never returned. Such stories were used to impact young
There are a few ancient manuscripts that document making changes to
Descriptive Books and their associated Ages once the Ages had been visited.
The procedure required meticulous attention to detail and was attempted by
only the highest levels of writers. The problem seemed to lie in the
synchronization of what was written in the Descriptive Book and what was
actually observed on the Age itself. If changes were written into the Book that
contradicted previously observed features of the Age, it was possible that the
Descriptive Book would divert its link to an Age that more closely resembled
the changes described. It would appear that the link to the "pre-diverted" Age
would be lost, and it would be impossible to reestablish the original link.
(All the above was found in the old Drc site under topic descriptive books)

There are more but here I will stop and write my conclusions for the above.
When somebody is adding words in the descriptive book then 3 things are probable : to change slightly the age , to link to a different world , or to make the Age unstable (or stable at least for a while).Remember here that all the linking books will link to the Age that the descriptive book link (new or old age).

Now again to the main subject the fissure .

1. Linking Books cannot be used to link directly from one point in an Age to another point in the same Age. D’ni manuscripts seem to infer that the act of linking
actually requires some kind of dimensional transfer.
(Found in the old Drc site under topic descriptive books)
2. the books of Riven and possible the Relto was written at the age of Earth (Tomahna) and more possible in Kveer.
3. Catherine : “Did you ever wonder what it should be like to go swimming out among the stars? We could fall into the night and be cradled by stars and still return to the place we BEGAN
Synopsis, conclusions .

We can write on a written descriptive book without changing the link (adding something small or we can cause instability to the Age.
Anna and Catherine wrote on the descriptive book a change (the book was in Kveer) to make Riven be more unstable for a while. They didn’t write the fissure as I first thought.
They just give to fissure the chance to appear itself by mistake.
Riven was already unstable that’s why the fissure there acted like a vacuum.
Relto is stable that’s why the fissure there is peaceful.
Fissure is not the same with the starry expanse which can be seen under bahro caves or in Myst and Riven .Fissure exists inside the starry expanse which is by the way the great tree of possibilities (like our known? Space-time) and it is like a string it.
The linking requires some kind of dimensional transfer.
Is the starry expanse our known space-time? My strong belief after all the above mentioned and knowing what bahros are able to do from my experience of URU and Myst 5 is clearly YES.
Finally I must admit here that I agree with Gehn , fissure is some kind of Link.

Final conclusion
Fissure (and not the star expanse) is a Link-Back to the age where a writer created the descriptive book (the link to the age) and the purpose of it , is to eliminate the unnecessary surplus of the universe (the great tree of possibilities) in order for the universe to remain perfect.
For the above remember the rule of the universe : action-reaction
Remember that we can not write a second descriptive book for the same Age .Why? (because the fissure (string) is already created and used by the first one? )
The Fissure exists always (metaphorically) “underneath” an Age , the “trick” is to made it appear.
Finally I would like to clarify something concerning the shape of the fissure that will add to the above conclusion.
The one in Riven does not have a specific shape (They were following a narrow crack different than the others……). The one we saw in our relto has the same shape as Cleft where all started , which maybe is proving that Yeesha just? give this shape to the hole (cleft) and not the fissure itself.
Cleft : the hole in the desert where all started.The place where Atrus born and grow up until Kehn took him.
Fissure : it has the same meaning (hole) but for me now is the name of the string that is attaching 2 points in the universe
Starry expanse: the universe , the great tree of possibilities
Kveer : it is exactly (almost) under the volcano , and there propably all the important books were written.(that’s why fissure link us back to earth near the volcano and that’s why Riven remains are also near it.

Shorah , Dimitrios

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ms. isis

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Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:16 am Post subject:


Very well done, and I believe I agree with what you've found and your opinions. I will have to read it more slowly when I have time too.

Relating to this, did you come across any passages, translations, etc. of the wording from actual descriptive books?

As part of a role playing situation, I would like to put together a page or two from a descriptive book written by that avatar. It would be great if I could match the tone and style Cyan has already in mind for them.
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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:34 pm Post subject: fissure


fissure is a crack or a cleft a long narrow opening, so what better door could we have to the cleft than an opening that represents the place that is ours alone than a fissure a khasma, we have to earn the right to use this door, we have to return what we took and to obey is rewarded and we are rewarded by Yeesha with the fissure our opening , our way back and we are the only ones to use it if we hand back what we took we can then return for our rewards so if some one else trys to use it that has not done what he is asked he/she is sent back to their begining , their relto, as they did not obey they cannot receive the reward nor use anouthers reward , the way that is open as it is not rightfully theirs to use.

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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 4:29 pm Post subject:


Forgive me, dear Dimi, for taking so long to read this. I have trouble reading long posts on the screen and have only just now printed it out. This way I can give your ideas the careful consideration they deserve and can reply soon.
Myss Terrie

Those who do not learn the lessons of history
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Star Fissure the Greatest Mystery of All
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