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 Field Guides

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Myss Terrie

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PostSubject: Field Guides   Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:18 am

In order to avoid issues of large images and their sudden removal (bandwidth exceeded) I am publishing all our guiding knowledge as field guides (FGs) on my La Casa website on the library shelf and will post direct links to the books here on the forum. For now I am trying to finish the guides, making allowances for both offline and online exploration. I will need folks to read through each guide to let me know if I have remembered everything aright.

Each guide is being done a little differently as I try to find the balance between text and images. Not all will be exactly alike, but then not all ages are exactly alike either. The one thing I can say for the Field Guides by Myss Terrie's Bevin Guild of Guides is that they are a much more lively read than other online walk-thrus, with lots of annotated images, maps and diagrams made while in flymode, etc.

If you have ideas, clues, hints, or ways of helping others that you found useful while in MOUL post here.

Myss Terrie

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Field Guides
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