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 Phil's Bookshelf

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PostSubject: Phil's Bookshelf   Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:07 pm


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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 2:50 am Post subject: Phil's Bookshelf


I took a good look at the books on Phil Henderson's bookshelf. Not only does he have a lot more books than we do, but they are arranged in a different order. The top tabs have age group symbols. Upper shelf, far left, in it own slot, is the Cleft book --given a special place just as Yeesha said. The tab has the hand symbol that marks the original quest, as do the next five books in the Prime Ages.

The next three books have what appears to be a small symbol of the Kerath Gate, and are the "local" books for the city, the bevin and the nexus. In the next section are the five books from Path of the Shell, so marked by the symbol on the tab. After that for the rest of the top shelf and all of the lower shelf the tabs have no grouping symbols on the tabs, although it looks like there is a space for such a label.

Other than the observations about the number and configuration of Phil's books, we do not know anything about the ages to which they link. As I recall the shelves were full when I visited here a long time ago. We know that Douglas Sharper squirreled away books without DRC approval. Did Phil do the same?

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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:16 am Post subject:


Looks as though Phil's journey was far different than ours. I don't know if you can put books on your Relto bookshelf that do not belong there. I doubt he squirreled away books on his Relto. But I do think he went to many ages without the DRC's appproval

I am interested in the book that links to Phil's Relto. That looks like an age linking book, not a Relto book- at least to me. There's no Yeesha symbol on it, no share symbol, and the linking panel is in the middle of the book, not on the first pages.

Seems Yeesha reworked Relto between the time Phil was there, and our time.
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Phil's Bookshelf
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