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 I'm not moving away but....

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PostSubject: I'm not moving away but....    Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:24 am

I've decided to change to another in-game MOUL(a) neighborhood...I hope you all understand...I plan on keeping in touch here...(I do it everyday)...I've made a list of people from here that I'm adding to my KI Buddies list...If I missed anyone please pm me!! I love you guys you have been so good to me...Here's my list: In no specific order

Sailor86 3186391
Sidnal 3769995
Race. 715496
Sti'in 1157254
Vedro 2679823
Illuvator 1748477
sengel 1419727
David Griffin 1077178
Richard Wakefield 640578
Myss Terrie 450234
722 83170
SeanMc74 49959
Dimitrios 355-6
r'ubi mai 14185
Caver1. 3463301
Oberon 2772739
Theo1728 2630704
Eniad Corlet 1089601
ms. isis 331871
Atheni 228212
Kit Fox 1589483
cave woman 189029
Rigil Kent 2786913
Inanna 453935

If any of these are wrong...please PM me here or if you see me (55400) in-game let me know...
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I'm not moving away but....
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