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 Some Pics of Inanna's Second Life

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PostSubject: Some Pics of Inanna's Second Life   Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:29 pm

Now that we are back in the Cavern I find myself dividing my time between two sim worlds. A lot of my URU friends have had bad experiences with SL, and I fully admit that I didn't like it when I first had a look -- two years ago! Things have changed and as the many posts on the forum have shown a lot of us in URU have found things to like, even love, in SL. I have not as yet made an extensive photo collection of the Myst based sims (Colorado? I bet you have some great pics to share) but here are a few I have made recently.


at my home of Ceilidh Haven

with my kitties

one of my favorite URU sims complete with tunnels and caves

and something we can't do in URU -- floating below the falls where in MOUL we would be forced back to Relto. The bathing suit is optional sunny although I refrain from skinny dipping in public places. For that I have a hot tub.

Colorado and Anarta have done a fantastic job of replicating the Cavern and other Myst sims in SL. Aegura has many more places to explore behind the spaces that are currently blocked off by DRC cones in MOUL. Yes, a lot of SL revolves around commerce, but you can have a lot of fun for free. If you are concerned that the default SL avvie is clunky, even ugly, compared to the ease of creating an URU avatar, it costs very little to have everything you want, to appear exactly as you wish, all the way down to the skin -- literally.

When MOUL servers shut down you can meet up with your Cavern friends in SL. All are welcomed at my home of Ceilidh Haven. To find me in SL, just search for Inanna Barrowstone and send me a friend notification.


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Some Pics of Inanna's Second Life
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