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 The OHBot Comes To The Cavern

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PostSubject: The OHBot Comes To The Cavern   Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:28 pm

OHB (formerly Orange Haired Boy) has created a bot with a world of potential. At present OHBot is very limited, but OHB has high hopes for this project and I feel that we should give him our full support.

At present the bot is programmed to respond only by PM -- not age or local chat. To interact with the bot from anywhere you must first meet him in the same age and add him to your buddy list. Adding him by KI# will not work. You have to be in the same age to add him and to be added by him. Once you and the bot are buddies you can ask him for any pod portal time and have him "sing" any song by typing sign SONG TITLE by ARTIST

OHB has been invited to join this forum and I sincerely hope he will. Amongst the possibilities for the are language assistance, locating of other explorers from anywhere, and tips for age puzzles.

So greet the bot with the same kindness as any other explorer and make a point of visiting OHB's Guild of Robots bevin.

You can now log in to OHBot Website


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The OHBot Comes To The Cavern
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