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 Welcome All

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Myss Terrie

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PostSubject: Welcome All   Tue Oct 28, 2008 9:11 pm

It is so nice to see folks still getting together and talking and being the bevin that I love so much. I know I have been busy lately, writing and engaging in mighty debates on matters historical and hysterical. While I know we are all disappointed that MO:RE has been postponed indefinitely I think the URU community at large and our bevin in particular will find a way to be together.

And this lifeboat is far from full. We have room for everyone who is (a) interested, (b) motivated and (c) NOT a spambot from Bulgaria confused

I have put a request on the Mechanics page for our ubergeeks to figure out a way to get us back into the same cavern environment without having to deal with Second Life. I suppose the only resource we lack is an abundance of hard cash, but there may be a way for us all to chip in some and get the job accomplished.

I have also asked for ideas on setting up regular chats. I am willing to host a couple times a week, and am hoping that others will likewise step up to host additional sessions. However for chats to work it can't just be the host alone -- very lonely talking to myself. So we need folks who are willing to show up at chat times even if they can not commit to host. You don't have to have a topic or an issue. We chatted just fine around the firemarbles in the bevin. We can do it again.

Myss Terrie

Those who do not learn the lessons of history
should avoid time-travel
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Welcome All
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