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 The Power Of The Moon

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PostSubject: The Power Of The Moon   Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:20 pm


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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:12 pm Post subject: The Power Of The Moon


Courtesy of Tiblo Sugmanitou Taka... AKA Adventure Dan.

A civilization progresses, and you loose some amazing things... feats beyond the human understanding. Modernization destroy the acceptance of these events. Until the last century, having visions was considered a gift, as it still is in my culture.

I am Lakota. And this is the tail of a spirit journey I had...

Tiblo Sugmanitou Taka blows on the smudge stick, giving it life.

Sand... rain... the only two things I knew. It was gritty and cold; it felt like I had died.

"Boy.. Are you OK?!?"
"Somebody call a doctor!"
"Get him out of here!"

I rolled over.

I looked up and saw several panicked faces. But they were strange. They were...White! Pale creatures with soft features. One propped me up. I looked around and took in my surroundings.

I was on a long, dirt trail. Waves of talk switchgrass surrounded me, and five white people. One of them stood off to the side sneering. He looked at me with contempt, and walked away. The others helped me down the path.

After an hour of walking we reached a small farm house, next to a burned down barn. I walked through the door. The others, they left me.
I looked around the room. A single oil lamp burned in the corner. Suddenly, a plumb, pale, old woman popped through a door with a thin towel.

"Harry, what is wrong?"

I looked her in the eyes. confused. I didn't have the faintest idea what she was saying. I didn't understand a single word that those people outside had said!

I opened my mouth, then shut it. Words had escaped me. I had lost any concept of language.

The woman, acting as if this was normal, walked me down a small hall. At the end,she pushed me into a room, and said, "Clothes." She pointed to her dress, then shut the door softly.

I looked around the small bedroom. There was a small, twin-sized bed with a dull, technicolored, quilt on top, torn in several corners. I noticed a small bedstand nearby.

I approached it, and knocked on it. It was hollow.. yet I heard something rocking around. After about 3 minutes, I figured out that I only needed to pull on the handle on the outside. Inside the drawer were several papers in a jumbled stack. I noted some strange symbols on the top:

C..... D..... E....

You get the picture.

And under the papers I noticed two other artifacts: a leather head band, with thick bone beads, and a single crow's feather in it, and a small, yet heavy metal axe with a hard, leather grip.

I was about to close the drawer, until I noticed that the bottom had the image of a brown-furred wolf.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on to door to the famhouse. My head popped up! I heard the voices of two men talking to the old woman. By the tone of their voices, my fight or flight relex kicked in.

The woman called, "Harry... two men want to talk to you!"

I had no idea as to what she said, so I took my natural instinct. I swung the axe, and smashed the window beside my bed, grabbed the sill, and quickly slid out. I landed in front of a puddle that had grown still as the rain had ceased. I looked at my face. It was dark, red, with a round shape, yet with hard features. I turned back, and saw the two men enter the room behind me. They wore Blue Military Dress, with hard, flat-topped hats appon their head.

I panicked.

I saw a horse nearby and I dashed to it. I mounted with ease, and took off at a fast gallop. One horse was left behind me.

I rode into a wet feild of yellow grass. Looking behind me, I saw one of the men brandishing a long rifle, riding high on a brown horse.


A shot fired over my head. I looked back ahead of me as my horse decended into a small valley.

I noticed a woman picking flowers in the grass. She had long black hair. I pulled back on the horses mane, and we slide to a stop. I quickly dismounted, and took out my hatchet. Looking back at her I whispered...


SHe looked up, and smiled.


In an instant, a red gash apeared in her forehead. I turned around and saw the man pull his horse to a stop, grinning, prepping his gun for another shot.

And at that moment, I knew who I was. And I knew why I had that hatchet...

In D'ni, I have one phase that I know, and I tie it to this story:

Doh'neet Sah'vai

The grammar may be wrong, but to my understanding, it means...

I am surviving.
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The Power Of The Moon
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